Water Treatment Plant Engineering Services

Engineering Design and Project Management

of Water Treatment and Pumping Systems

We provide service for engineering design as well as project management service of a potable water treatment plant and pumping station. The partners of the company have vast experience in process design, pumping system calculation, and project management since 1994.

Pump Performance Test using

Thermodynamic Method

We are the service provider for Pump Performance testing using Thermodynamic Method. We are the agent for Robertson Technology Pvt Ltd from Australia. Robertson Technology manufactures pump performance monitors that use the thermodynamic method for measuring pump efficiency and flow. There are two basic models, the MicroPM (fixed installation) and the P22 (portable unit) but many variants are available to suit different applications. The equipment will measure pump performance parameters such as fluid flow rate and energy efficiency using the “thermodynamic method”. For more details about thermodynamic method, please visit Robertson Technology Pvt Ltd.

The benefit of using thermodynamic method for pump testing and monitoring are as follow:

  • Accurate on-site measurements
  • Equipment is relatively easy to install and calibrate
  • Minimum disruption to operations. Other operating pumps do not need to be stopped during the pump test.
  • Conventional flow meters not required
  • Snap-shot measurements with portable units

Sample of a transient analysis with surge vessel.

Surge Analysis of Water

and Sewage Pumping System

Surge Analysis is carried out for pumping system to recommend the most optimum surge suppression system if the operating pumps trip due to power failure or other reasons. We use Hytran software, developed by Dr. Norman Lawgun from New Zealand to carry out the surge analysis. 

Testing and Commissioning & Operation and Maintenance

Of Water Treatment Plants

With our vast experience, we are able to offer our service to test and commission water treatment plants as well and manage the Operation and Maintenance of a plant.